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Scottsdale Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

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Scottsdale Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Audition form

To download audition form.  click here

Scottsdale Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Audition Application
To schedule an audition, complete this application and send it to,
Scottsdale Philharmonic, 1101 E. Morrow Drive Phoenix AZ  85024.     

(This form may be downloaded at )

          e-mail: or phone 623  582-6031.

Audition requirements: "Students who do not yet know their upper octave scales are still encouraged to audition with the scales they currently feel comfortable with. Students younger than 7th grade with an above-average skill set are also welcome to audition. All highly interested and motivated students who demonstrate the minimum performances abilities needed to be successful in the group will be seriously considered for acceptance into the symphony."

Last Name ___________________________ First Name: __________________

Phone: _________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: _______________ Zip: __________

Musicians e-mail: _________________________________________________
Please Print Clearly!

School: __________________________________________ Grade: _______

Auditioning Instrument: _______________________

Instrumental Groups or classes you perform with. ______________________________

Teacher: (school or private) _________________________________

Rehearsals: Tuesday 7:00-9:00
New Vision Center 18010 N. Tatum Blvd.  Phoenix AZ

Concerts: Tuesdays,  11/12/19, 3/3/20, 5/12/20
Ensemble Fee $200.00 Applies to students accepted into the orchestra. Scholarships may be available on a need basis.